We provide the standalone internet speed testing and IP location tools in Pakistan, You may utilize them to view your IP and Internet speed in Pakistan.


You may find what download speed your net connection is delivering you using our above tool, it will let you know the exact downloading speed in kilo bytes.


Uploading speed mean a file or data transfer to any other server in second, you may view what exactly the uploading speed you can gain through your ISP connection.


If you have been blocked by any site or for any other reasons you want to know or unblock your IP address, you may find your current dsl IP address from our tools.


In-case if you feel the need to view some restricted websites or want to use the proxy server, you may browse through Pakistan based web proxy.

Are you getting INTERNET SPEED as you are paying for it?

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It is fact that whenever you bought any type of internet connection you need to know about the speed which you are paying for, and for this purpose you will need any type of software installation which tell you the speed limit that you are buy which take allot of time and installation space, but we solve this problem with our best quality speed checker tools which will be tell you the whole story of your internet speed and display it to you in beautiful flash graphical repot within seconds. We provide this services with our best online software tool name Speed test in free of cost.
For the check of your internet speed you have to need about how know of download and upload speed we shortly describe it for your knowledge.

Download Speed: How quick the document is continuously downloaded. Documents are not downloaded all as soon as possible. They are downloaded piece by piece. So the download velocity tells how quick those pieces are constantly spared. This pace is not a settled number, as there are numerous outside constrains that will impact how quick a downloading rate can get up to.
When you start to download a file, there is a constantly changing download speed that can go up and download through the term of the download. Spot the changing number that is organized as a decimal number of kilobytes for every second. For instance, a file that is constantly downloaded at 45.71 kilobytes for every second will resemble 45.71 Kb/s. for now about your current download speed we provide you the place where you can check it easily and perfect report will deliver to you in few seconds. Upload Speed A fast upload speed is much important for a best internet connection; upload speed is the rate in which you send information to an alternate machine. Normally down load speed is faster than upload speed. With our speed checker tool you can check your upload speed so easily, with just one click Our best online software tool give you the exact speed upload speed which you are committed by your internet provider. What is My IP address: Internet protocol is the address which computer utilizes the one of a kind identifier to send information to particular workstations on a system. Most systems today, including all workstations on the Internet, utilize the Tcp/ip convention as the standard for how to impart on the system. In the Tcp/ip convention, the exceptional identifier for a workstation is called its IP address.
Mostly we have static IP address which is changed any time when you connect the internet, static IP address is so costly and used by big companies. We provide the best tool for know about the current IP address faster than other. You just click on start button and it will give you the exact result in few seconds. Our best quality Speed checker tools for Pakistan’s big Internet services provider companies. We are proudly provided the best speed checker tool almost Pakistan’s all big internet broadband service provider companies. With our dependable and best quality tool you can check the speed limit of your any internet connection much faster the others. Below is mentioning some best software tools for Pakistan’s broadband internet provider companies.

PTCL Speed checker

PTCL is the Pakistan’s largest broadband internet provider company our speed tool will tell you the expect download and up load speed that you are commented by it.

Wateen Speed tester

With our fibulas tool you can easily check the Internet speed in seconds just start out tool and get your result in few seconds.

Wi-tribe Speed tester:

Our Wi-tribe Speed tester will tell you the perfect result of your download and up load speed it will also tell you the current IP address within seconds.

Qubee net speed tester:

If you have Qubee internet connection and you want to know about your current speed this tool will help you to know about the current download and up load speed with your current Ip address.

DSL Speed tester:

This tool is really amazing for DSl broadband internet users, you just go one our speed checker tool and start it will give you 100% result in less than half minute.